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Upgrade FrSky D4R-II without a USB FTDI adapter using a RS232 COM serial port

I’ve just bought a D4R-II receiver supporting telemetry. This is a great little small, lightweight receiver that can be easily flashed to support full frame 8 channel CPPM output. You can get the software and manual from the FrSky website … Continue reading

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Max! Thermostat Pairing Procedure Protocol Information

This is just a quick post to document some reverse engineering of the Max! wireless/radio thermostat valves and window shutters to help others who might want to work on the project. I’ve simply attached a copy of the spreadsheet I … Continue reading

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Metoffice Observations in OpenHAB

The article explains how to access MetOffice Observations in OpenHAB via the JSON API they provide. In the UK the MetOffice offer free weather observations and forecasts via their DataPoint service. This could be used for a variety of rules … Continue reading

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Carbohydrates, Glycogen and Weight

I saw in a forum post that glycogen stores can affect weight in quite a significant way. A quick search caused me to stumble across the article link below. It’s an interesting and enlightening read – and encouraging, especially after … Continue reading

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Breaking the Ice on 50m Pools

The last week hasn’t been particularly exciting (except for today!). I have had the week off as I have had a cough – I stopped training as soon as my glands went up, it is my usual cue that something … Continue reading

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First Triathlon: Tockington 2012

After ~16 weeks of training – covering 765.8 kilometers over 49hrs 19mins 23seconds and consuming 46,718 calories I made it to the start line of the Tockington 2012 Triathlon – my first triathlon.

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Exporting Routes From Runkeeper

I was planning out a route for a 140km cycle and wanted to get some information like maximum incline etc of the RouteYou website. Unfortunately RouteYou’s plotting functionality is a little frustrating in manual mode so I thought I would … Continue reading

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Runalyzer Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Runalyzer HR key is billed as a small widget that plugs into the bottom of your iPhone and allows your iPhone to receive HR information from the ‘analogue’ heart rate monitor belts such as the Polar T31 Coded – … Continue reading

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Punctures, Perseverance and Puzzlement – Summary of the week

So Friday I picked up my bike from the LBS (Local Bike Shop) as it had developed some kind of noise that sounded like the bottom bracket had decided to die a painful death. I get 500m down the the … Continue reading

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Pool Mate Watch Review

When I started swimming on a more regular basis I quickly came to realise I missed the tracking that I was afforded by Runkeeper when running and cycling. I struggled to count laps and remember timing while trying to concentrate on … Continue reading

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