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Accessing partitions within an image or LVM volume used as an iSCSI target

I recently reinstalled the software on my NAS (open media vault) and tidied up the host name etc. As part of this I changed the name of the iSCSI target. This meant that my media PC wouldn’t boot over the … Continue reading

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/dev/md0 can’t read superblock

Sometimes when my Stora NAS gets rebooted the array fails to mount and I get /dev/md0 can’t read superblock To correct this I do the following: Try mount /dev/md0 (you probably tried this and got the above error) Do xfs_repair … Continue reading

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rsync Backup / Dropbox style setup

Introduction This tutoral/HOWTO is designed to help you setup an rsync back/dropbox style synced folder on the Netgear stora. The aim of this is to have a synced folder that will automatically back up to a remote location. The main … Continue reading

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Netgear Stora and Time Machine Setup

Having just got a Netgear Stora I wanted to use it as my time machine backup (I have an old ibook G4 and 10.5 so some of this may or may not work for 10.6 – i haven’t tried it!). … Continue reading

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