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Energy Monitor – part 2

So, now I hopefully(!) have my cable which will give me access to the UART RX of the CC128 energy monitor. Time to try it out and begin processing some data with it! Firstly, I go to the XMOS website … Continue reading

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Current Cost ‘Envi’ CC128 Teardown

The “Thats the warranty gone…” aka as a ‘teardown’ post! With the UART TX not working properly I was forced to open it up… so here is a bit of analysis and some photos of what is inside for the … Continue reading

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Energy Monitor – Part 1

My energy monitor arrived today! It’s working well – I was slightly worried about how good the reception would be for the transmitter, but I am pleasantly surprised that even with the receiver 3 floors above the transmitter it seems to … Continue reading

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Energy Monitoring

Was at a friends today and he showed me an energy monitor that he had bought and was using to monitor his electricity supply. I was like “hmm… this could be something fun to attach to an XCore and get … Continue reading

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XMOS XS-1 Virtual Threads

The XMOS XS-1 architecture is a multi-threaded architecture. As opposed to normal systems it has a single processor core that can run 8 hardware threads, in real-time with no operating system overhead. But what happens if you run out of … Continue reading

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Embedded Traffic Monitor

This is the initial release of the embedded traffic monitor which I implemented on an XMOS XC-3 development kit. It has a 256×32 VFD attached to it with a custom board that was designed from another application (hence the buttons/IR … Continue reading

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