Exporting Routes From Runkeeper

I was planning out a route for a 140km cycle and wanted to get some information like maximum incline etc of the RouteYou website. Unfortunately RouteYou’s plotting functionality is a little frustrating in manual mode so I thought I would plot it out in RunKeeper. However, I hit on the problem of exporting the route from RunKeeper.

This proves a little tricky, but I found a way:

  1. Plot your route using the Runkeeper route planning
  2. Create an activity that uses that route – annoyingly you can’t just select export as GPX as you would normally for an actual exercise route
  3. Goto My Settings and click on Export Data
  4. Select the date your fake activity is on and export the data
  5. Inside the zip file that gets generated you will get GPX plots for your required activity
  6. Remove the fake activity you created

I don’t really know why RunKeeper don’t support the import and export of routes to GPX – seems like a sensible feature to add – but then they haven’t added lots of features I have requested before.

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6 Responses to Exporting Routes From Runkeeper

  1. Frank says:

    Thanks, clever idea!!
    It was helpful to me !

    Frank – Verona – Italy

  2. beb says:

    Work fine.

    Thanks for this idea.

  3. Stefen says:

    Not working anymore, no GPX file in the zip… 🙁

  4. Daniel says:

    Excellent, worked fine for me! Glad I found your little hack.

  5. flocon says:

    Thanks for that clever explanation ! You saved my day ;o)

  6. Jan says:

    Great Idea.
    I tried several times. Worked excellent

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