Google Powermeter

A post on hackaday alerted me to google power meter and them releasing their new powermeter API. This looks pretty cool- especially for my energy monitoring project!

Taking a look at the more detailed information it looks like Google have some pretty interesting requirements for devices:

  • Have to be able to do HTTPS (so need SSL)
  • Have to have a webserver on the device (for configuration etc)

SSL is going to be the biggest challenge if we choose to go down this route. Once we have SSL the rest should be pretty easy. The concern with the SSL is the size of the stack and whether one can be implemented and fitted on an XMOS core.

Thankfully Google provide some libraries for the power meter implementation of their API which might go a long way to providing an initial solution – again this is going to need to be ported to whichever TCP/IP stack is used and what SSL stack is used. The current C implementation is specifically tailored for Microchip PIC libraries… so to work I guess!!

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