Lasers and Submarines

Over the last few weeks I have come across some nice XMOS based projects:

1) Laser Cutter

Not massively complex in terms of software – but a pretty cool outcome. UART in – granite engravings out! Nice… Maybe an ethernet interface with a web client to upload images into it could come next… laser engraver source code here

2) Aquatic Bot Explorer (ABE)

The main purpose of the project it’s to create an autonomus vehicle to explore lakes and reefs. Aquatic Bot Explorer (ABE) its based on a ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles ) and AUV (Autonomus Underwater Vehicles ) class robots.
This bot it’s powered by an XK-1 processor by XMOS, several boards for sensing: pressure, temperature, depth, etc. Motor control, demux, ADC, etc. are developed.

Looks pretty cool… can’t wait to see what it turns up from the depths!

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One Response to Lasers and Submarines

  1. Jonathan May says:

    Yeah very impressed by these. Development time is also v impressive. Because using XMOS stuff pushes much of the design and development into software, it minimizes the need for masses of extra external hardware that needs to be integrated.

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