Breaking the Ice on 50m Pools

The last week hasn’t been particularly exciting (except for today!). I have had the week off as I have had a cough – I stopped training as soon as my glands went up, it is my usual cue that something is about to go awry.

Today I was feeling better so I decided to head over to the new Hengrove pool this morning as it operates in its 50m configuration on Saturday mornings and I thought it would be a bit of a treat.

I haven’t done a solo swim for a while now as I have been just training once a week with BadTri – though I haven’t been the last two weeks due to illness / having stuff the evening before that meant I was back late.

Cycle computer showing -1.0 deg C

-1 deg… yeah I didn’t know it did negative!

After a very chilly cycle 25 min to Hengrove (my cycle computer is usually a bit optimistic with the temperature!) I entered the 50m pool.

It turns out 50m feels like a long way when you are used to 25m pools. There was definitely a psychological barrier about the thing – once I had warmed up and gotten used to the lap distance it I did a steady 1000m set and then did a gentle mixed warm down. It was tiring – I just felt I wasn’t generating power and was fatiguing quickly (maybe because I hadn’t had a good breakfast – only a banana), and it took me a while to get back used to the water. Seems two weeks is a long time to be out the water.

50m swimming pool with lanes

50m is a long way!

It was very quiet when I went, I don’t think there were more than three people (including me) in my lane at any point, and you very rarely meet them as the pool is so long! I quite enjoyed the 50m experience – I wonder what the transition back to 25m will be like.

The other exciting thing is that I have ordered my turbo trainer and ANT+ kit so I can get it running with TrainerRoad. I am really looking forward to thrashing out a few sessions over the coming months – hopefully getting my bike power up! Reviews to follow…

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